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Marketing forecaster Faith Popcorn analyzes the upsurge in paint-your-own ceramic studios this way: “I think it’s part of two trends – ‘cocooning,’ because pottery is a way to enhance your home, and ‘anchoring,’ because pottery comes from the earth and it’s something you make yourself.”

Color Me Mine, the leader in the contemporary ceramics industry, expresses this spirit beautifully. Each of its locations is an upscale art-as-entertainment studio offering unfinished ceramics and other craft media. Customers enter a relaxing environment, choose one of 350 unfinished pieces, and spend an hour or two painting it to express their own vision. Ceramic pieces are left to be glazed and fired, then picked up later.

Based in Glendale, California, Color Me Mine was founded in 1992. There are over 150 studios open and under development in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Philippines, Kuwait, Taiwan and Australia. Color Me Mine has no other priority than the support of our franchise owners.

President Mike Mooslin says, “As the only international chain in the contemporary ceramics industry, Color Me Mine is addressing the industry’s concerns that this is a fad and that it’s an easy business to enter. Our focus is on long-term stability through product diversification, proprietary innovations, centralized marketing, and operating systems that are difficult and expensive for independent operators to replicate.”

According to Maria Baker, Executive Director of Franchise Development, “When you own a Color Me Mine studio, you gain several important advantages over individuals who choose to go into business on their own. As a franchise owner, you are part of an established system of operations from the moment you open your studio. You receive ten days of comprehensive training and have access to experts with years of business experience in the field so that you don’t have to rely on your own trial and error. You become part of a team of savvy operators who meet annually to share experience and expertise, log onto a franchisee web site for marketing materials and ideas, and become part of an organization that has national name brand recognition.”

Product consistency and supply sources have been an on-going challenge in the ceramics industry. Color Me Mine’s licensed factories ensure supply sources of high quality products with a consistent clay base.

Color Me Mine’s unique concept offers the franchise owner a business that requires low start-up capital, is fun to operate, is difficult to compete against, and that makes a worthwhile contribution to the community. Even after factoring in the 5% royalty and 1% national marketing fund contribution, Color Me Mine franchise owners enjoy a lower cost of goods sold and lower studio operating expenses than independent studio operators average.

Franchises for new locations and studio conversions are available throughout the United States and abroad.

Color Me Mine is fully dedicated to supporting its franchise owners.

Since 1996, the company has invested several million dollars to develop the infrastructure required to provide the best support in the industry.

  • Real Estate Analysis with a computer generated site score model.
  • Financing Referral for an SBA loan or conventional loan.
  • Construction Assistance, including plan evaluation, bidding and ongoing support during construction period.
  • Comprehensive Hands-On Training for two weeks, both in-studio and classroom, by top-level professionals.
  • Opening Assistance by a company representative on-site for up to a week when you open.
  • Operations Support with state-of-the-art computerized operating systems and thoroughly detailed manuals.
  • Manufacturing worldwide exclusively for Color Me Mine with guaranteed supply, consistent quality and below industry pricing.
  • Product Distribution facilitated by a direct link point-of-sale system to track inventory and order merchandise.
  • Marketing Support with an on-line marketing system and franchise resource center with programs to support you.
  • Information Services with proprietary point-of-sale software, systems and internal control reports.
  • Ongoing Support for all phases of your operation, including a technical help desk and franchise liaison.
  • Research and Development to continually evaluate new products, techniques and services to build studio sales and lower costs.
  • Annual and Regional Meetingsfor strategic planning and input from franchise owners.
  • Franchisee Web Site Intranet online Support with indexed technical support, message board for communicating within the Color Me Mine network.
  • Continuing Education through rollout instruction manuals, regional seminars, videos, work groups, and online “Tech Support Center”.
  • How much is the initial franchise fee and when it is paid?
    The franchise fee is a one-time payment of $30,000 made at the time you sign the franchise agreement. If you open another studio, the franchise fee is reduced by $5,000. There are no additional charges for your training and for our assistance in opening your studio, other than out-of-pocket travel and lodging expenses.
  • How much are the royalty payments and other on-going fees?
    the on-going royalty rate is 5% of sales. There is also a contribution to the marketing materials development fund of 1% of sales. Color Me Mine requires that you allocate 2% of your sales to your own local marketing and advertising.There is also an information and accounting service fee of $80 per month. Color Me Mine provides each studio with password protected online access to numerous reports designed to help the studio operator continually evaluate the business, and also supports the Point-of-Sale software system.
  • Can I reserve an area before I find a site?
    Yes! If the area you are interested in is available, you may sign a Non-Refundable Reservation for the area for $7,500 and have the exclusive right to look for a site in that area for up to a year. When you find a site and sign a lease, you will sign the Franchise Agreement and pay the balance of the franchise fee.
  • Are the terms of the Franchise Agreement negotiable?
    While registered franchise agreements are typically non-negotiable, we have continually adapted our agreement to address the majority of changes requested by franchisee’s legal counsel.
  • Why should I be a Color Me Mine franchisee instead of opening an independent studio?
    When you own a Color Me Mine franchise, you join a family of entrepreneurs who want to stay focused on their customers, and utilize a professional organization to do the administration, vendor contracts, financial services, computer support, and research and development. As a franchise owner, you have an established system of operation from the moment you open your studio. You receive customized training and have access to experts with years of experience in the industry so that you don’t rely on your own trial and error. You also become part of an organization that has national name brand recognition and purchasing power to reduce your operating expenses. With a strong franchisor, you have someone working on your business while you work in your business.
  • Can I convert my independent studio, or purchase an existing independent studio to convert to a Color Me Mine franchise?
    Absolutely! We have a conversion program to begin taking advantage of Color Me Mine’s purchasing power immediately while you gradually convert the studio. If you buy an existing studio, we will pass most of your franchise fee on to the seller as a referral fee to help you come up with the purchase price.
  • What do I do next?
    Complete the Confidential Easy Franchise Inquiry. We will review and evaluate your application for preliminary approval and arrange a telephone interview. If there is mutual interest in moving forward, we will then work with you to determine if sites are available in your area that match Color Me Mine’s requirements and to obtain financing. We will also provide our Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) and invite you to Los Angeles to meet the executive team and further investigate the Color Me Mine opportunity.

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